Spathiphyllum – Peace Lily Varieties

The Spathiphyllum has come a long way in from only a few varieties being grown in the 60’s and 70’s. The peace lily is not only a popular plant in the US and Canada but around the world. It’s popularity has created such an interest that today you can find dozens of spath varieties grown around the globe.

Below is a list of “known” varieties… some of which are no long in being grown. Some carry the distinction of being patented, trademarked, carry registered names or a name the “breeder” wanted to use to brand their plant. If the names of some do not seem familiar they may be grown or available in other parts of the world. Wherever they live or variety grown the Peace lily is a top player in the battle of – sick building syndrome.

This list will be updated as new varieties are made available:

Spathiphyllum Adagio
Spathiphyllum Alfa
Spathiphyllum Allison
Spathiphyllum Alpha
Spathiphyllum Alfa CD US Pat.#10,823
Spathiphyllum Altra
Spathiphyllum Ancora
Spathiphyllum Andes
Spathiphyllum Annette
Spathiphyllum Ardito
Spathiphyllum Athene
Spathiphyllum Aurea
Spathiphyllum Auslese
Spathiphyllum Avalon
Spathiphyllum Aziza US Pat.#12,257
Spathiphyllum BabyFace TM
Spathiphyllum Benito
Spathiphyllum Blue Moon US Pat. #9,958
Spathiphyllum Breithorn
Spathiphyllum Burtoni US Pat.# 4,545
Spathiphyllum Ceasar US Pat.# 11,476
Spathiphyllum Calando
Spathiphyllum Callisto
Spathiphyllum Candor
Spathiphyllum Capella
Spathiphyllum Carolynia US Pat. #5,188
Spathiphyllum Castor
Spathiphyllum Ceres US Pat.#8,844
Spathiphyllum Ceres – Hi Ho Silver‘Ceres’ ‘Hi Ho Silver’
Spathiphyllum Cervin
Spathiphyllum Chiron
Spathiphyllum Chopin
Spathiphyllum Chris
Spathiphyllum Claire
Spathiphyllum Classic Viscount
Spathiphyllum Claudia US Pat.#12547
Spathiphyllum Clevelandii
Spathiphyllum clevelandii ‘Merry’
Spathiphyllum clevelandii ‘Tasson’
Spathiphyllum Cobra
Spathiphyllum Cody’s Color
Spathiphyllum Compact
Spathiphyllum Connie US Pat.# 11,986
Spathiphyllum Cornelis
Spathiphyllum Cupido
Spathiphyllum Daniel US Pat.# 8,655
Spathiphyllum Danielle
Spathiphyllum Dario
Spathiphyllum Debbie
Spathiphyllum Del Rio
Spathiphyllum Deltagreen
Spathiphyllum Deltanerve
Spathiphyllum Deneve
Spathiphyllum Deney
Spathiphyllum Dioon
Spathiphyllum Domino US Pat.# 9,944
Spathiphyllum Don Juan
Spathiphyllum Double Take PPAF
Spathiphyllum Duchess
Spathiphyllum Emerald Beauty PPAF
Spathiphyllum Emerald Swirl US Pat. #8,389
Spathiphyllum Enchantment
Spathiphyllum Fantastic
Spathiphyllum Fantastica
Spathiphyllum Fascination
Spathiphyllum Figaro
Spathiphyllum Fiorinda
Spathiphyllum Florimi
Spathiphyllum Florann
Spathiphyllum floribundum Florimini
Spathiphyllum floribundum ‘Mini’
Spathiphyllum floribundum ‘Misty’
Spathiphyllum floribundum ‘Silver Streak’
Spathiphyllum Florida Beauty PPAF
Spathiphyllum Flower Power TM US Pat. #10,786
Spathiphyllum Frederick US Pat.#10,246
Spathiphyllum Frederik
Spathiphyllum Galaxy US Pat.#12,051
Spathiphyllum Gale’s Green
Spathiphyllum Gigant US Pat.#7,657
Spathiphyllum Gigant (EURO-GIGANT)
Spathiphyllum Golden Delicious
Spathiphyllum Gorgusis No. 1
Spathiphyllum Grand Dad US Pat.#12,384
Spathiphyllum Green Velvet
Spathiphyllum Gretchen
Spathiphyllum Hermes
Spathiphyllum Himalaya US Pat.#10,542
Spathiphyllum Illusion US Pat. #9,942
Spathiphyllum Jeanette
Spathiphyllum Jetty US Pat.# 9,957
Spathiphyllum Johnson’s Pick
Spathiphyllum Jumbo US Pat.#12,374
Spathiphyllum Jungfrau US Pat. #10,627
Spathiphyllum Kaley
Spathiphyllum Kalisto
Spathiphyllum Kalypso US Pat.#12,039
Spathiphyllum Kathylyn
Spathiphyllum Kelly US Pat. # 6,144
Spathiphyllum Kilimandjaro
Spathiphyllum Knockout
Spathiphyllum kochii Clevelandii
Spathiphyllum Kristina
Spathiphyllum Leprechaun US Pat. # 8,130
Spathiphyllum Liana
Spathiphyllum Lilian
Spathiphyllum Little Angel US Pat. #10,627
Spathiphyllum Londonii
Spathiphyllum Lord Nelson
Spathiphyllum Luna
Spathiphyllum Lynise US Pat. #6,145
Spathiphyllum Lyskamm
Spathiphyllum Macho
Spathiphyllum Maria PPAF
Spathiphyllum Marion Wagner
Spathiphyllum Mascha
Spathiphyllum Mauna Loa
Spathiphyllum Mauna Loa ‘Alice’
Spathiphyllum Mauna Loa ‘Linda’
Spathiphyllum Mauna Loa Superba
Spathiphyllum Mauna Loa Supreme
Spathiphyllum Max US Pat. #9,958
Spathiphyllum Maxey TM PPAF
Spathiphyllum McCoy
Spathiphyllum Merry US Pat.# 6,386
Spathiphyllum Metallic Queen
Spathiphyllum Metallica
Spathiphyllum Mini
Spathiphyllum Mini Merry
Spathiphyllum Mojo
Spathiphyllum Mozart
Spathiphyllum Nurit US Pat.#11,729
Spathiphyllum Orlando
Spathiphyllum Palace
Spathiphyllum Pallas
Spathiphyllum Patrice TM US Pat. #9,901
Spathiphyllum Patty
Spathiphyllum Petit Daniel
Spathiphyllum Petite
Spathiphyllum Phoenix US Pat. # 6,874
Spathiphyllum Piccolina
Spathiphyllum Piccolino
Spathiphyllum Picolino
Spathiphyllum Pluto
Spathiphyllum Pollux US Pat.#10,541
Spathiphyllum Power Petite TM PPAF
Spathiphyllum Preamor
Spathiphyllum Prear
Spathiphyllum Prelude
Spathiphyllum Prestige US Pat.# 8,539
Spathiphyllum Pretty Parrish
Spathiphyllum Princess US Pat. # 7,635
Spathiphyllum Puck
Spathiphyllum Quatro
Spathiphyllum Queen Amazonica
Spathiphyllum Regency
Spathiphyllum Rhapsody
Spathiphyllum Rica
Spathiphyllum Rocky
Spathiphyllum Sandra
Spathiphyllum Schwarzwalder
Spathiphyllum Sensation® US Pat. #6,964
Spathiphyllum Sensation® JR PPAF
Spathiphyllum Sensation® Mini PPAF
Spathiphyllum Showpiece US Pat.#10,748
Spathiphyllum Sierra TM US Pat. #9,677
Spathiphyllum Silver Streak
Spathiphyllum Snow White US Pat.# 7,712
Spathiphyllum Sonya TM US Pat. #10,013
Spathiphyllum Sophia US Pat. #12548
Spathiphyllum Spadino
Spathiphyllum Spakona
Spathiphyllum Spalifa US Pat.#12,388
Spathiphyllum Sparego US Pat. #11,457
Spathiphyllum Sparkle US Pat. # 8,367
Spathiphyllum Starla
Spathiphyllum Starlight®
Spathiphyllum Stephanie US Pat. #9,943
Spathiphyllum St. Mary’s TM
Spathiphyllum Sunlight TM US Pat. #11,121
Spathiphyllum Svend Nielsen
Spathiphyllum Sweet Benito
Spathiphyllum Sweet Chico
Spathiphyllum Sweet Claudio
Spathiphyllum Sweet Dario
Spathiphyllum Sweet Double
Spathiphyllum Sweet Elegance
Spathiphyllum Sweet Evita
Spathiphyllum Sweet Lauretta
Spathiphyllum Sweet Marco
Spathiphyllum Sweet Pablo US Pat. #10,817
Spathiphyllum Sweet Pancho
Spathiphyllum Sweet Rosita
Spathiphyllum Symphony TM US Pat. #8,849
Spathiphyllum Tasson
Spathiphyllum Tassori
Spathiphyllum Taylor’s Green TM PPAF
Spathiphyllum Textura
Spathiphyllum Torino
Spathiphyllum Ty’s Pride TM
Spathiphyllum Valentino US Pat. #13,670
Spathiphyllum Vanessa US Pat.#10,897
Spathiphyllum Vesta
Spathiphyllum Vicki
Spathiphyllum Vicki Lynn PPAF
Spathiphyllum Viscount TM
Spathiphyllum Viscount Prima TM
Spathiphyllum Vivaldi US Pat.#10,921
Spathiphyllum White Angel
Spathiphyllum White Baron
Spathiphyllum White Beauty
Spathiphyllum White Butterfly
Spathiphyllum White Elegance
Spathiphyllum White Flag
Spathiphyllum White Freedom
Spathiphyllum White King
Spathiphyllum White Lady
Spathiphyllum White Lightning
Spathiphyllum White Lilliput
Spathiphyllum White Moon
Spathiphyllum White Princess
Spathiphyllum White Queen
Spathiphyllum White Success
Spathiphyllum White Sympathy
Spathiphyllum Yellow Stripe
Spathiphyllum Yess