Spathiphyllum Annette

The peace lily comes is roughly 3 sizes – small, medium & large. Each have their own unique place as an indoor house plant. Spathiphyllum ‘Annette’ TM is one peace lily selection that meets the “small” criteria.

“Annette”™ could be described as a “petite type” with dark green and exceptionally shiny foliage. It is right at home in a small 4 to 6 inch pot making it a excellent choice for small areas. Keep it away from high light!

Spathiphyllum Annette - Peace Lilly

Peace Lily with Mojo!

The Peace lily is a indoor house plant with ‘Mojo’ – but what is Mojo? According to the American Hertiage dictionary “mojo” is something with – A magic charm or spell. When it comes to house plants the Peace lilly or Spathiphyllum when in full bloom carries much as much charm as any indoor plant.

Spathiphyllum Peace lily Mojo

This variety of peace lily called ‘Mojo’ comes from AgriStart. Complete with rich dark green leaves looking like satin.You can see the flowers stand straight up with blooms balanced about the foliage.

One plus is that ‘Mojo’ is a real eye-catcher in small 6 & 8″ pots making a great addition to any home or apartment.

Peace Lily White Lighting

The popular “Peace Lily” is know for a variety of things:

  • Lots of White Flowers
  • Removing Toxins Indoors
  • Dark Green Leaves
  • Plants to fit a wide range of sizes
  • Popular around the World
  • Easy Care

White or cream colored stems has never been one of the items on the list – until Now!

Spathiphyllum “White Lightning” is one peace lily from Agri-Starts that features all of the above qualities but also shows off the “white leg” stems.

peace lilly featuring white stems from Agri-Starts

Peace Lily From Europe – Spathiphyllum Figaro

The Peace Lily is only one of the many varieties of house plants to choose for use indoors to liven up a room. One disturbing area is… you may never see some of these houseplants. Simply because the local nursery or garden center doesn’t want to try something new or they just may not know about it.

Here’s another Spathiphyllum to consider. I know I can hear you already…. Another Spathiphyllum… isn’t a spath, is a spath, is a spath. To some extent you’re correct.

Peace Lily care and pest control is basically the same and they all fall into the plant category of top air cleaning houseplants. Plus, all of them have green leaves except for the occasional variegation and white flowers.


As new plants are introduced they are being bred more specifically for certain characteristics or market needs. Spathiphyllum ‘Figaro’ fills the need for a flowering, dark green, large leaf variety in 10-14 inch pots currently not available today, on top of all that it’s durable.

It’s a Dutch Hybrid developed by K.P. Holland. Since Figaro’s release in Europe during 1998, it has carved out a significant niche in the “Florist quality” Spathiphyllum Market.

Grown primarily in 8 and 10 inch pots for use by Interiorscapers and for Flower Shop sales across Europe. This award-winning selection received the award for the BEST FLOWERING PLANT at the Dutch Horti-Fair in 1999.

This peace lily has made the trip across the Atlantic and can be found in select or more upscale garden centers.

Spathiphyllum Allison – Peace Lily for Small Spaces!

As you can see from the picture this peace lily – Spathiphyllum ‘Allison’ shows off a pot full of well shaped dark green leaves and highlights the white sail blooms. More and more Peace Lillies are being developed for use as table top plants.

I’ve often found that large plants take up way to much room. By combining a nice decorative pot or container it’s easy to multiply the “show off” potential. Pest do show up on Spathiphyllum but control is easy, plus they double as a natural air cleaner