Growing Peace Lilies as Groundcovers

The popular Spathiphyllum or as most people know it the “peace lily” is used and thought of primarily as a indoor houseplant. But the Spathiphyllum can also make a great ground cover in tropical landscape designs.

Don’t expect the peace lily to bloom as profusely in the landscape but the snow-white spadix add a nice pop to the deep green background of foliage and add some interest to the groundcover planting. If you plan on using Spaths as a ground cover the plants will need somewhat shady conditions planted in a rich soil that holds some moisture… but does not stay wet!

The best selection would be the dwarf varieties which reach a height of about 2 feet and a spread of 12 – 18 inches. The larger spathiphyllum varieties could also be used in the landscape as stand alone specimens.


Controlling pests in the landscape can be a problem, if possible I always opt for a natural pest solution.


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